Possible Ventures backs mission-driven teams using frontier tech
to make the impossible Possible .

Frontier technology holds the key to solving many of humanity's greatest challenges. That's why we're dedicated to supporting teams working on humanity-scale missions , driven by frontier tech.
Hélène Huby, Co-Founder & CEO of The Exploration Company
Viswa Colluru, CEO & Founder of Enveda
Gérard Mourou, Marvel Fusion & Nobel Laureate
Ksenija Milicevic Neumann, Co-founder & CTO of ToZero
Lee Cronin, CEO & Founder of Chemify
Julia Reisser, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of ULUU
Miroslav Gasparek, CEO & Co-Founder of Sensible Biotechnologies
Maria Laparidou, Founder of Orbem.ai
Artificial Intelligence
Space tech
Quantum computing
The Brightest Minds
Interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs bring together diverse perspectives and expertise, leading to breakthrough ideas and solutions. The brightest minds often gravitate to these intersections - and each other.
Humanity's Biggest Challenges
We invest in solutions to the world's most pressing challenges across climate, energy, health and society. Sustainable initiatives such as carbon capture, energy transition, food & agriculture and new materials will pave the way for a cleaner future, as will fostering the circular economy and exploring space for alternative resources. New tools and models for drug discovery and precision medicine will benefit health and longevity, while AI-supported software tools, financial inclusion and up-skilling will boost productivity, creating a more equitable future for all.
Frontier Technologies
Frontier technologies across deep tech, life sciences, and software platforms are unlocking unprecedented innovation. Breakthroughs accelerate rapidly when diverse disciplines converge, driving transformation for society.

Meet our Team

Entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in our company, and we thrive on the opportunity to work with founders.

Founder's Feedback

Read testimonials from our Founders to see what it’s like to work with Possible Ventures.
What really stood out about Possible Ventures was their ability to quickly understand enough about our big and complex idea to realise its potential. They weren’t concerned with deep details but more about our story, motivations and where we want to go as founders. With their strong network and deep experience in business and startups, we can’t wait to see how Possible Ventures will continue to add value to our journey.
Paula Burton
Paula Burton
Founder & CEO, Mass Dynamics
Possible have been value add investors from the start, catalysing our pre-seed fundraise and bringing a number of value-add investors to the table along the way. As a team of founder/operators who have seen it all, Possible bring a level of empathy and authenticity that make them an indispensable ally and partner. Chris has an incredible amount of time for the portfolio; rarely a week passes when we don't have some point of contact. They have their fingers on the pulse of the most exciting areas in frontier-tech, and I treasure their updates to hear about the latest. I can't recommend Possible highly enough as an early investor and partner.
Josh Ismin
Josh Ismin
Founder & CEO, Psylo
We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the team at Possible! Before we had even signed formal docs, they connected us with exceptional people and helped find our first CTO in under 6 weeks. As non-technical founders, Possible's help was critical, a tangible value from day 1. Possible is in it for the long haul, always backing us. With great humans, a global presence, and shared excitement around our problems, we're thrilled Possible were first believers.
Jessica Richmond
Jessica Richmond
Co-founder & CEO, Sumday
So stoked that Koala (YC W22) is backed by Possible Ventures! If my fellow Y Combinator batch mates are looking for an A+ VC who will get out of their way to help you, they are it! Trust me. Looking back at it, meeting Possible Ventures was a turning point in our entrepreneurial journey.
Xavier Lesage Moretti
Xavier Lesage Moretti
Founder, Koala
The team at Possible Ventures has been instrumental to our early success. They took an all-in approach to support us through the choppy waters of our early-stage development. Their forward thinking, global network and signalling power have opened the doors to other funds and they’ve been at our side for all the critical moments.
Neel Popat
Neel Popat
Founder, Donut