What’s Possible: 14th October, 2022

A weekly curation of what’s possible in frontier tech.

What’s Possible: 14th October, 2022

We hope you enjoy this week's hand-picked selection of important and interesting stories from the frontiers of tech.

Lab-grown brain cells play video game Pong

Brett Kagan, chief scientific officer of Cortical Labs, and his collaborators have produced a network of nerve cells grown on a computer chip, which is capable of interacting with the outside world via that chip. As a proof of principle, they have taught the cells to play Pong, an early video game that resembles an electronic form of table tennis. (BBC News) (The Economist) (Research article) (ABC interview)

Meet Monite — they make the life of CFOs easier

We really want to draw a net and run the API network for all financial document exchange and financial workflows — Ivan Maryasin, CEO & Co-Founder at Monite (listen) (watch)

Bring your own key (BYOK) was a lie!

Edgeless Systems Chief Architect, Moritz Eckert, exposes the security weaknesses of the bring your own key (BYOK) model made popular by cloud service providers. (blog)

Bain predicts gaming will grow 50% to $300 billion in 5 years

In a new research report, the global consultancy said the industry growth is accelerating thanks to heavy engagement of younger gamers (ages 13 to 17) who spend about 40% more in video game environments than with any other form of media. (VentureBeat)

Bessemer’s DeSci 101

Three leaders at the helm of the nascent decentralized science (DeSci) movement explain the fundamentals and how web3 is enabling “a Cambrian explosion of unconventional science.” (Bessemer)

Interesting adjacencies

  • Meatable expands to Singapore (Meatable)
  • Crypto market is ‘The tail being wagged by a very sick dog’: Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin (Decrypt)
  • The Anatomy of the Data Room (Morgan Cheatham)

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