What’s Possible: 21st October, 2022

A weekly curation of what’s possible in frontier tech.

What’s Possible: 21st October, 2022

We hope you enjoy this week's hand-picked selection of important and interesting stories from the frontiers of tech.

China looked at putting a monitoring satellite in retrograde geostationary orbit via the moon

China appears to have considered boosting its space situational awareness capabilities by placing a satellite in a retrograde orbit out at the geostationary belt. A paper published in Nature Scientific Reports by authors from the Xi’an Satellite Control Center looks at using a lunar swingby to insert a satellite into a retrograde orbit out at the geostationary belt (GEO) for monitoring activities and debris warning. (Space News)

Qatalog presents: Timeless Work

The genie is out of the bottle. The rise of flexible and asynchronous working has irreversibly changed the way we think about time at work, but the reality is still catching up. The genius team at Qatalog have produced a mini-documentary series that brings together experts, business leaders and academics, to discuss the evolution of work and how we can change it for the better. (watch)

The race to Q>1

Earlier this year, Lowercarbon Q>1 raised a $250m fund to advance the most promising fusion companies and accelerate the day when we can rehab our way out of this sludge-gargling addiction. Now, Chris Sacca explains why Lowercarbon is funding fusion’s biggest breakthroughs. (read)

It turns out we need to make (a huge amount of) stuff

This might sound obvious, but if we’re going to make 60% of the inputs to our physical economy using biology, we are faced with the profound challenge of actually making a massive amount of physical product. (Innovation Endeavors)

Service DAOs - Landscape, Challenges, and Solutions

Terry Chung’s take on Service DAOs — web 3 consulting-style organisations which manage and organise independent workers on contracts in exchange for cash/equity/tokens in early projects. Interesting concept, and we expect to see more and more teams in the space. (read)

Interesting adjacencies

  • Holidu pockets $102M to keep growing its vacation rentals business in Europe (Techcrunch)
  • Gassing the Miracle Machine — Elliot Hershberg & Dr. Jocelynn Pearl on the changing landscape of science (Not Boring)
  • Rewritten genetic code allows bacteria to fend off viral attacks (Science.org)

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