What’s Possible: 26th August, 2022

A weekly curation of what’s possible in frontier tech.

What’s Possible: 26th August, 2022

We hope you enjoy this week's hand-picked selection of important and interesting stories from the frontiers of tech.

Solid World DAO: Funding The Future of Planet Earth

“The negative impact that humans are having on the earth is undeniable, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Preserving and restoring nature is our clearest path to solving this problem, but there is not nearly enough attention or funding going in this direction. Markets have proven to be far more motivating than altruism or even self-preservation, which is not ideal, but this is the reality that we are living in. This means that we need to harness the motivational power of financial markets to bring more funding and labor into the fight to save our planet.” (read)

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CTO Talk: Q&A with Andrey Korchak of Monite

Andrey Korchak, CTO and co-founder of Monite, explains why he doesn't fear the fintech slowdown. (read)

Psychedelic Alpha Interview with Josh Ismin, Psylo

“This week we spoke to Josh Ismin, CEO of Psylo: one of Australia’s small crop of psychedelic start-ups. The company positions itself as a “fast follower” to those working on first generation psychedelics. It’s one of a growing field of psychedelic companies—which, to be sure, includes the companies engaged in the development of first generation molecules—looking to discover and develop next-generation molecules that may have more favourable profiles than compounds like psilocybin and MDMA.” (read)

Psylo’s CSO, Dr. Sam Banister, and CEO Josh Ismin.

The Space Economy

Packy McCormick and the Not Boring team bring in the space cadets from Payload Space for an incredibly deep dive on the space economy, in the form of an S-1 for the industry. (read)

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy Announce Tech-Infused Golf League

TGL, a new golf league that will operate in partnership with the PGA Tour. The league will play its events at specially designed, first-of-their-kind virtual courses in front of a live crowd and larger television audience. Based on early renderings, there will be tech-infused throughout the venues. (read)

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Front Office Sports @FOS

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy just announced the launch of a new golf league — The TGL.In partnership with the PGA Tour, the TGL will have:▪️ Six teams of three▪️ 15 Monday night matches▪️ First-of-its-kind, tech-infused venuesThe TGL tees off January 2024 ⛳️


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Europe’s microdosing companies

Big-name investors have backed novel “smart drugs” that claim to boost mental performance, but there’s also a new crop of startups that think this holy grail of hustle culture can be found in the humble mushroom: the magic mushroom, that is. (read)

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