What’s Possible: 2nd September, 2022

A weekly curation of what’s possible in frontier tech.

What’s Possible: 2nd September, 2022

We hope you enjoy this week's hand-picked selection of important and interesting stories from the frontiers of tech.

How to tackle house access in Australia

OwnHome is an Aussie startup solving housing access by helping millions of Aussies get past the initial hurdle of saving for a home deposit. In this podcast one of OwnHome’s co-founders, James Bowe, explains how they’re tackling the problem of Homeownership and wealth inequality with the rent-to-own model. (listen)

Yuri to Launch ScienceTaxi to Space

Sierra Space and space biotech company, Yuri, announced today a new agreement to further medical research in microgravity for the benefit of life on Earth. The arrangement includes plans to launch Yuri’s ScienceTaxi on board Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser spaceplane beginning in 2024, on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS), where the incubator will be used for a variety of life sciences experiments. The ScienceTaxi is a first-of-its-kind life science incubator facility with temperature control, full automation, and real-time data collection. Hosting up to 38 experiment units – or ScienceShells – the built-in ScienceTaxi centrifuge allows for experiments to be conducted with Earth gravity, as well as moon or Mars gravity as a reference. (read)

Bioprinting human cells in 3D with the co-founders of Inventia

In this podcast, Dr Cameron Ferris and Dr Aidan O’Mahoney discuss Inventia’s mission is to scale the creation of human tissue. Inventia builds machines to bioprint human cells in 3D. These machines help forward-thinking drug discovery and medical research pioneers create human tissue for research and therapy that mimic real human tissue structures, rather than in environments that fail 90% of the time. (listen)

Using CRISPR to activate ancient genes, Alora’s plan could be key to our future food supply.

The same set of genes that allows seagrasses to grow in saltwater is lying dormant and unused in many of our terrestrial crops such as rice, wheat, and corn. If we could activate these genes, those crops could be grown in brackish water—or even directly in the ocean—becoming a formidable new asset in the global food supply chain. (read)

Blockchain Use Cases for Science

Jocelynn Pearl on the potential of blockchain to improve science (read)

Interesting adjacencies

  • Pfizer Ventures has applied to VitaDAO's Institutional Genesis Raise (thread)
  • What role does anonymity play in Web3? (link)
  • Regenerative Finance 101: A guide to crypto’s ReFi movement (link)
  • The Energy of Nations and the decline of western energy use (link)

Portfolio hiring

  • Deep space enabler, Gama, is hiring for an Embedded Software Engineer in Paris (link)
  • Wholesale marketplace, Upstock, is hiring for a Customer Success Associate in Wellington (link)
  • Biotech marketplace, Molecule, is hiring a Product Manager in Berlin (link)

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