What’s Possible: 30th September, 2022

A weekly curation of what’s possible in frontier tech.

What’s Possible: 30th September, 2022

We hope you enjoy this week's hand-picked selection of important and interesting stories from the frontiers of tech.

The billion dollar brothers

The [Immutable] platform allows individuals and businesses to build their own NFT projects, like play-to-earn games, in hours rather than weeks, while maintaining the same level of security provided by the Ethereum blockchain. Companies including TikTok, Disney and GameStop chose Immutable X to power their entry into digital collectibles (helped by the brothers’ claim it is carbon neutral). (Forbes)

Robbie Ferguson (left), James Ferguson (right). They are posing behind a square frame made out of light beam.

Robbie Ferguson (left) and James Ferguson (right). | Image source: Damian Bennett

Sorare defies the NFT bear market

*NFTs trading volume down 97% from January highs (thread)

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Perinetor Sorare @perinetor

*NFTs trading volume down 97% from January highs@Sorare since January:- Trading vol. ($): +4.1%📈- Trading vol. (ETH): +81.8%📈- Unique buyers: +48.3%📈 - Total transactions: +52.0%📈 - avg. sale value ($): -31.5%📉- avg. sale value (ETH): +19.5%📈#nfts #sorare


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What Synthetic Biology Platform Companies Get Wrong

Rather suddenly, synthetic biology has transitioned from a largely esoteric academic field to a commercial enterprise delivering improvements across various applications, including natural product discovery, biomanufacturing, ingredient and specialty chemical production, agriculture, therapeutic development, and more. (blog)

Psychedelic medicine faces the acid test

Thirteen great articles on psychedelic medicines - research, clinical trials, consciousness and drug development - in @NatureOutlook's specific edition on psychedelics. (thread)

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Psylo @Psylo_Bio

Thirteen great articles on #Psychedelic #Medicines -  research, clinical trials, consciousness and drug development - in @NatureOutlook's specific edition on psychedelics.All included in the thread below 🧵@Nature


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Chris Newmann on the state of Silicon Valley VC

Overall, there's a lot of optimism in the air. Feels like a great time to raise, provided that founders have accepted a return to pre-2020 valuations and expectations. What you raised last time doesn't matter. What people told you last year doesn't matter. Now, go get it! 💰 (thread)

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Chris Neumann @ckneumann

In the past week, I've spoken with partners at 18 Silicon Valley VCs about what they're seeing in the market three weeks into September.Here's what I've learned...🧵

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Interesting adjacencies

  • Hard vs. Soft: Software may be eating the world, but hardware monetizes better (techspot.com)
  • FCC approves new orbital debris rule (spacenews.com)
  • The era of fast, cheap genome sequencing is here (wired.com)
  • The SBTi launches the world’s first standard method to cover land-related emissions and removals (sciencebasedtargets.org)
  • Bill Gurley: ‘If you’re going to build something from scratch, this might be as good a time as in a decade’ (mckinsey.com)

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